Don’t be afraid to make a fashion statement

Don’t be afraid to make a fashion statement
How many times have you looked into your closet and thought “I have nothing to wear”? For many women this happens every day.  To everyone on the outside looking in, it appears your closet is overflowing with fashions, but because we tend to only wear our garments in a certain manner, we are unable to see how a pair of shoes, a jacket and accessories can turn your boring closet into overflowing ensembles.  



  1. Fee King-Ya Hollywood Fitness Go-TO Gurl
    January 25, 2012 / 11:19 pm

    I LOVE ALL of the choices. I still feel like I need to go shopping; however, I do have a dress I can dress up with a nice blazer and heels Thank you for helping me to see the possibiities. I'm looking forward to you blogging about inexpensive; yet fashionable earrings. I only have 3 pair of earrings. HELP!!Ciao Bella!!

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