DIY Leather Jogging Pants pt2

DIY Leather Jogging Pants pt2
It’s not a secret I love leather and loose fitting pants so when going on my weekly leather shopping trip I wanted to try a new lambskin leather from Tandy which is a very soft mirabella lambskin leather that I completely fell in love with.  I made my second pair of leather jogging pants with Vogue V8909 and the following alterations:

Cut the pattern at the knee in the front and back which created 4 pattern pieces
Added top stitching on all but side seams
Added 1 row of elastic to the waist along with a drawstring

Fyi- 3 hides were used for these pants.

Pants-DIY available here
Blouse-Jill Sander
Coat-Re-constructed DIY seen here
Fur wrap- DIY from this project
Boots- Giuseppe Zanotti
Clutch-Bottega Venetta



  1. November 25, 2013 / 5:10 am

    Hi Nicki!!

    Been wanting to try making the leather joggers for a while. I was wondering are you lining the leather pants with anything?


    • November 26, 2013 / 3:37 pm

      Hi Britt

      I partially lined them with satin

  2. November 25, 2013 / 5:57 am

    They are divine! I have already gone straight to the leather site to investigate and am now off to find that pattern you used. I find myself wishing for winter again…even though we have at least six months yet until the weather will even begin to turn here. I have never sewn with leather before but these look like a fabulous project to get started on…well after the leather armbands of course!

    • November 26, 2013 / 3:33 pm

      Thank you Debbie 🙂 this leather is insanely easy to sew. Just be careful under the needle, it tends to tear a bit easy.

  3. Anonymous
    November 25, 2013 / 12:19 pm

    Hot hot hot

    • November 26, 2013 / 3:37 pm

      Thank you

  4. carrie diaries
    November 25, 2013 / 12:20 pm

    I for your next post. Love it all FAB

    • November 26, 2013 / 3:37 pm

      Thank you Carrie

  5. Roni10
    November 25, 2013 / 8:24 pm

    I've recently discovered your blog, and I have to say since I've discovered it I look forward to seeing what is next… You do FABULOUS work I love all your DIY… I've since then gotten very motivated to start sewing again…. It's funny just this past week-end I started making a jumpsuit out of my stash of mensware fabric I have but I ran short on fabric.. So, I deceided I would buy some leather to make the sleeves…

    • November 26, 2013 / 3:39 pm

      Thank you Roni

      I think leather adds something really unique and special to clothes.

  6. November 26, 2013 / 12:45 am

    Just wondering how you did the bottom cuffs with the leather? Did you just use elastic, or another fabric? Thanks!

    • November 26, 2013 / 3:36 pm

      Thank you

  7. November 26, 2013 / 4:46 am

    Love these pants!

    • November 26, 2013 / 3:36 pm

      Thank you Levone

  8. November 26, 2013 / 2:31 pm

    Love those pants! And here's hoping for a great Black Friday sale at Tandy on that Mirrabella!

    • November 26, 2013 / 3:40 pm

      Thank you Erica they have other lambskin on sale now.

  9. November 27, 2013 / 5:31 am

    great outfit! those pants are looking awesome!

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