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A new twist on the style blogger photography

As a lifestyle blogger with fashion infused, I often browse popular fashion blogs and can’t really distinguish one from the other.  All the images are taken on some street corner, in front of a park bench or in an alley with tons of grafitti (so jealous) .  I figured, the answer must be the great lighting of course.  I don’t know about you but when I typically leave my home, I don’t have my fiancé or friends in tow to take pictures and capture the best angle of what I find to be an outfit that someone can draw inspiration from.  I also am unable to prop my camera on a street sign and use my handy remote timer without looking and feeling like an insane person, forget the fact that’s it’s totally impossible.
So what do I do, I set-up my very own studio in my basement complete with backdrop, umbrella lighting, softbox and tripod.  This makes my “photoshoot” quick and easy.  I trot down to my basement prior to leaving my house take a few shots with handy dandy remote to my Canon DSLR and I’m out the door in record time.
Do I give street esthetics? No, but I hope I’m serving my purpose at least until I can find a dedicated picture taker I’m doing things my way.