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Our love of the perfect Michael Kors boots?

I’m a huge lover of boots and more importantly, comfortable boots.  I decided to pull my Michael Kors Mcgraw boots out before it gets too warm and 2 hours into my wear, I remembered why this was only my second time wearing them since purchasing.  As I waited in line at one of my favorite shoe stores, the pinching of my toes made me think of an article I read where celebrities were discussing sacrificing comfort for fashion and low and behold, one of the celebrities was Jessica Simpson who clearly happens to be in love with these boots.  Call me crazy but I refuse to be in agony for the sake of a fashion statement, at least that’s what I’m telling myself until the swelling goes down.

{Jeans- Silence Noise, Tee-Sonia Rykiel, Sweater- Bennetton, Boots- Michael Kors, Bag- Terrida}