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Kitchen Organization


 I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and because of that, my cabinets were a wreck.  I tend to toss things back after using and forget where I have put them, as a result I purchase the same items repeatedly.  The breaking point was when I discovered I have four bottles of balsamic vinegar.  I headed to one of my favorite places….Lowes and purchased a lazy susan for my spices, a few jars and several storage containers.  While there I picked up this neat little invention that allows you to utilize faux drawers you generally have in the kitchen and bathroom.  Lastly I broke out my handy label maker which should make my kitchen experience much more manageable!

I enjoy seeing how people organize kitchen spaces so I decided to give you a peek at mine, which you may find helpful.

{Pantry before}
{Pantry After}
{Using a label maker makes these easier to find}
{Faux drawer before}
{Faux cabinet removed}      
{Tools needed}    
(Drawer after which is perfect for housing sponges and scrubbers}