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The perfect dinner breakfast

Periodically I have an insane craving for breakfast food at dinner and when I do, I’m normally in desperate need of bacon, eggs  and hash browns.  Because I’m very visual and enjoy visually pleasing food, having a plate of bacon and eggs for dinner does not do it for me so I sometime like to spruce it up.  I guess you can call this dish cheesy hash brown egg delight :).

{Cheesy Hash Brown Egg Delight}
{Turkey Bacon}
{Cheddar & Parmesan Cheese}
{Shred the potatoes with a cheese shredder} 
{Remove water from shredded potatoes with a potato ricer}
{Combine cheese, onions, and potatoes and cook in olive oil until browned on both sides}
{Cook an egg over medium}

Place the hash brown on a serving plate, top with turkey bacon, tomatoes, and egg.