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Weekend Wrap-up

The other day I was going through a bag of clothes I need to drop off at Goodwill that’s been sitting in my garage for months.  The only reason I decided to give it a last browse was because I spilled paint on the bag and wanted to make sure nothing was damaged.  Why did I do that! In that bag amongst many many clothes even ones with tags still on them (which I should just simply be embarrassed) were these jeans I could no longer fit six months ago and this shirt that still had the tags on it (not sure why I tossed it to begin with).  I decided I will give them another shot, at least until I add 5lbs. for the winter.

Jeans- 7 For All Mankind
Shirt- Outrage London

While watching the Today’s show, a cooking segment with Bobby Flay had me wanting to skip breakfast and go straight to dinner.  He prepared a white fish with caper-herb vinaigrette here that I had to re-create.


My weekend would not have been complete without something chocolate.  Several  months ago I had the most amazing chocolate infused cocktail at Coco Sala that I re-created here.  The drink was awesome but because I’m insanely visual, in my head it didn’t taste the same….. I wanted the glass it was served in.  Well fast forward a few months and I added similar glasses to our wedding registry and thanks to my mother in law I have a do-over.  I decided to try a new concoction due to lack of ingredients but crazy enough, this round was even better.

Raspberry hot chocolate with milk, spiced rum, whipped cream & chocolate shavings