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DIY Tile Mirror

While going through the basement decoration process, I have been in search of a tile mirror that compliments the bar area.  What I have encountered were VERY pricey mirrors, or mirrors that didn’t incorporate the correct color scheme.  After searching for a couple of weeks I decided to take on the project myself.  I used the same concept as the DIY backsplash here and created my own custom tile mirror.

1- 36×24″ frameless polished edge mirror
4- Pieces of Latt moulding 1/4″ x 2-1/2″
4- Primed 2-3/4″ x1″ rosette’s 
6- Pkgs 3/12 golden white and steel tiles
Left over travertine tile cut and used as a border
Liquid nails-Mirror formula
Painters Tape

Use gloves, it will make clean-up so much easier
The mirror will be very heavy so make sure you use proper hanging tools.  Depending on the size of the mirror you can use clips or mirror adhesive.  This may be helpful.
Drying time is VERY important, don’t skimp on this step.
If the tiles slide out of place when working, us a spring clamp and allow additional drying time.