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Perfect fruit-filled Martini

If your like me and stroll the supermarket filling your basket with so much fruit you end up throwing most of it out at the end of the week, try putting that fruit to good use by serving this awesomely fruity martini at a cocktail party which will certainly delight. The surprise of the crushed mint makes this drink truly refreshing.

Watermelon chopped- 1 cup
Orange chopped-   1/2 cup
Lemon- 2 slices of lemon squeezed
Simple syrup- 1 oz
Peach Ciroc- 3 oz
Papaya juice- 1/3 cup
Crush mint (fresh mint is better but I was out)
Cubed ice

Martini mixer

Blend the watermelon and orange with the papaya juice
Pour the well pureed mix into a ice filled martini mixer
Add the squeezed lemon, vodka, simple syrup and mint
Shake well in the martini mixer

Garnish with lemon