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Watermelon pineapple yogurt pops

From reading my blog, you know I am a fanatic for anything sweet, yummy and decadent.  So the other day while sitting at my desk I had a complete nostalgic moment when I heard the ice cream truck in my neighborhood.  I instantly had butterflies while thinking about the bomb pop (that’s what we called it back in day) truck coming down my block and knowing to stop in front of our house for my daily strawberry shortcake fix, boy do I miss being able to consume 300 calories and 15g of fat without blinking an eye.  I yelled to my husband at the top of my voice to stop the truck (so overly dramatic) he runs outside to stop the truck and I’m scrambling for four quarters.  I run outside to hand over my change like I did many times many years ago for my strawberry shortcake and was greeted with laughter.  Not because I have my robe and a head scarf on but because I was two dollars short.  I was devastated  Where have I been? I was crushed that my beloved strawberry shortcake had tripled in price and calories.  I vowed this will be my last strawberry shortcake ever!  For the next few hours all I could think about was another one but I made my vow, went into the kitchen and whipped up something to take the edge off.

3 1/2 cups watermelon cubed with seeds removed
6 oz greek pineapple yogurt (Chobani works perfectly)
2 tbls honey
1 tsp lemon
1tbls lime juice

Strain the watermelon through a potato ricer yielding 1 1/3 cup of watermelon juice.  Discard the pulp.
Add watermelon juice, yogurt, honey, lemon and lime juice to the blender and blend well.
Pour into pop molds.

When removing, quickly dip the mold into hot water which will release the pops easily.