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DIY Leather and Wool

My favorite time of year is fall and winter, not because it’s no longer blazing hot, but because of my two favorite textiles leather and wool.  Wool because it comes in so many varieties like merino, alpaca, the amazing vicuna and many more, as well as  the way it structures a garment.  Leather because it adds edge to pretty much everything from gowns to business suits.   I loved the way my wool top I made here came out and decided to add to the collection.  I used the same pattern I used to make the houndstooth sweater but left out the exaggerated sleeve and simply gave it a longer sleeve with elastic.  I also used the leftover sleeves from this sweater to make the cuff a bit more interesting.  I added a leather mock neck and an exposed leather pull zipper like the one seen here.  The material is 100% medium weight wool.  I made a simple pencil skirt using 100% merino wool for the stretch and a 1 1/2 inch leather band down the side.   The best leather to work with is lambskin which I get here.

Top- DIY using this pattern
Skirt- DIY
Boots- Givenchy now on sale here
Bag- Gucci here
Bangle- AV Max