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DIY Hot Pink Felt

While making my weekly visit to the fabric store I noticed a whole wall of vibrant colored felt bolts.  I never considered felt for clothes only crafts but thought it would make a very lively light weight coat.  I also discovered there are several types of felt including a wool felt which is most commonly used for garments.  Because I had never made a coat before I didn’t want to shell out the money for wool felt in case it didn’t go as planned so I opted for the regular felt on sale.  During the sewing process all I could think of was that I really love working with felt and that this would look amazing with the wool felt which is a richer fabric.  Overall I’m pretty pleased with how it came together.  I used New Look pattern 6163 with the following alterations:

1. Slit sleeve with added buttons 
2. Left out the slits on the side of the jacket and added one in the back
3.  Added pleated shoulders
Pattern used- New Look 6163 
Sweater- Vintage Givenchy
Pants- Jcrew
Boots- Report Signature
Shades-Ray Ban
Clutch- no name
Belt- Roland Mouret