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Juicing 101

For the past couple of weeks I have juiced this platter of fruits and veges every afternoon and it has truly become my caffeine replacement.  Literally five minutes after I drink this beautiful mix, I get a rush of energy I typically only get from two shots of espresso minus the crash and the guilt.

Kale-detoxification, strengthen immune system, healthier hair, skin & nails, anti-inflammatory
Pineapple-strengthens bones, loaded with vitamins A, C, calcium, potassium & phosphorus, improves digestion
Beets-high in vitamins & minerals,tonic for the liver, purifier for the blood, high source of energy, increase your positive mental health
Cucumber-great source of energy, cancer fighter, aids in weight loss and digestion, reduces cholesterol, controls blood pressure, help promote joint health
Grapefruit-treats common ailments, helps in losing weight, lowers cholesterol, loaded with vitamin C, appetite reducer, helps rid liver of toxins
Strawberries– anti-inflammatory, healthy eyes, promotes bone health, aids in digestion
Blueberries- aid in reducing stomach fat, helps promote urinary tract health, helps preserve vision, helps with constipation & digestion
Carrots- improved vision, cancer prevention, anti-aging, healthy glowing skin, powerful antiseptic, prevent heart disease, healthy teeth & gums
Oranges-regulates high blood pressure, fights against viral infections, purifies blood, keeps bones & teeth strong, prevents kidney diseases, 
Lemons-weight loss aid, acne cure, digestion aid, lowers blood pressure, soothes dry skin