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DIY Sustainable Decor

Being a huge fan of clean simple lines and a person who’s favorite color family falls in the earthier  realm, my home decor color scheme tends to follow that same trend.  What’s been drawing me in lately have been stone and cement finds, so incorporating these into a few items from around my house was a no brainer.  While in the process of switching out lightbulbs to CFL’s I thought about an interesting use of the disposed bulb as decoration as well as the disposable cupcake lid which make great tea light holders.  Not only are they interesting conversation pieces, they will last forever and for roughly $11.00 in products and a few household items I’m sure you have thrown in a drawer, you can make endless sustainable goodies.

1. Grap the solder point and twist, this will release the brass contact.
2. Crack the glass insulator, be careful because pieces of glass may fly and the glass is sharp.
3.  Using the tweezers, pick the glass to help loosen more to release.
4.  Once the glass is released, remove the bulb by giving a big tug.
5.  Take a screw driver or a hard object and break the fill tube and the filament assembly.
6.  Shake the bulb and remove all excess fill
7.  Rinse the bulb with warm water and allow to dry completely