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DIY Sleeveless Vest

An absolute staple in my closet is a little black dress, so the perfect spring update is  sheer over sheer over sheer.  I made this dress by draping on my form that’s three sizes too big which made this simple little dress take way too long.  The fabric is this gorgeous sheer with lace and ribbon that I’ve had for over ten years stuck in a bin in my basement, who would have known.

Now on to the vest!

Being a huge fan of the Balenciaga vest I decided to break out this Cynthia Rowley pattern 1756 using this  Italian Cotton Sateen fabric from Mood and the pattern altering began.

Added 9 inches in length
Opted to square the hem as opposed to curve
Added a square faux flap pocket instead of the external square pockets
Left off the bottons
Extended the lapels
Added a trim to the armhole
Added a 1/2″ shoulder pad that I covered with the same fabric

Dress- DIY
Heels-Jean Michael Cazabat
Shades-Ralph Lauren