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DIY Vinyl and Leather Tote

When it’s insanely hot outside I prefer to travel as light as possible so when a clutch isn’t appropriate, a vinyl tote is a must.  And because I think leather makes most things a bit special, I had to throw some in.  This tote was made with a medium weight vinyl I picked up at Joann’s for $7.30 in the clearance bin, and a few leather and suede scraps you can pick up on ebay or at your local leather supplier for a  little close to nothing.

Vinyl-  16″x12″ with a 4 1/2″ hole cut in the center  (cut 2 pieces)
Suede-16″x6″ (cut 2 pieces)
Leather-4 1/2″ round ring by 1″ wide (cut 2 pieces)
Suede D ring strap 6″x1″ (cut 1 piece)
Screw Post (1)
1″ D-ring (1)