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DIY Statement Belt

When it comes to accessories I love a great statement belt, so while browsing style.com I came across the runway show for Tod’s.  Previously I never gave Tod’s a second look but something made me click and I’m so happy I did.  Everything spoke to me on a level that simply made me excited, don’t know if it was all the leather infused with the elegance and softness but whatever it was I’m loving it.  I have become a DIY woman but every now and then you just need to jump the fence, and the moment this skirt is available I’m jumping the fence.  But in the meantime we can lust over this gorgeous statement belt no more with my DIY interpretation.



1. Overstitch
2. Rotary
3. Pattern
4. Awl
5. Craft knife
6. Rivets
7. Buckle
8. Edge slicker
9. Leather dye, edge paint, finish
10. Leather- 4-5oz veg tanned

Print out the pattern here

Place the pattern on top of the leather and using the awl, trace the pattern onto the leather

Use the overstitch to trace the awl cutting line for a more accurate cut.  Use the rotary to cut the leather.

Using the edge slicker and a water, wet the edge of the leather a bit and run the edge slicker around the edges to smooth.

The edges final product should smooth

Using cord or twine, measure out the amount of cord you prefer for your belt straps

Cut the strap 1/2″ wide and as long as you need

Dye and edge the two pieces of leather

Slide the buckle onto the leather and sew the buckle in place with a double stitch

Using a hand leather punch punch holes in the corresponding strap

Cut a piece of leather 2″x1/2″ and sew the edge together