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DIY Knit Sleeve Cuffs

I wanted to post a quick tutorial on sleeve cuffs.  I received many questions on how to make them and where to buy them based on this post:

I searched high and low for knit sleeve cuffs, what I think is a simple but effective way to finish a garment.  What I found was a sorry selection of poor quality cuffs in only black white and brown, so of course the next logical step was to make my own.

I drafted a cuff pattern that you can download here

Tools: corresponding cuff fabric
           sewing machine

Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut out

With the right sides together, stitch each long side of
the fabric closed, leaving both end open and unstitched

Trim the seam allowance close to the seam making sure
not to cut the stitches

Open one end of the cuff and roll right side out matching
up to the other end

Baste the edge prior to sewing onto your sleeve

Tips: For this pattern, use stretch knits only
         To shorten the length of the cuff, cut after the cuff has been sewn together
         If the fabric your using has an extreme stretch, you may need to adjust the seam allowance