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DIY Oversized Grey Coat

Every woman needs an oversized wool grey coat in their life so when I spotted this grey wool from Mood, there was no question what it was going to be.  This coat was made with McCalls’s M6657 view B with the following alterations:

-Removed 6″ from the length of the pattern
-Added a seam to the arm

The lining used is a heavier charmeuse which was a bit too heavy for this fabric which needless to say, another grey coat is in my future.

note: The fabric was purchased at moodfabrics.com but it appears to be sold out.  The item code is

FW12287 and the description is Grayhound solid coating

Jeans-Joes Jeans
Sweater-H&M mens
Heels-Manolo Blahnik
Clutch- Jimmy Choo

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