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DIY Lemon Peplum Top

With a desire to combat this dreary, cold and horrible weather, I felt it necessary to brighten it up a little with this beautiful heavy weight bright lemon colored wool from Moodfabrics.com  that’s hands down the easiest fabric I’ve ever sewn.  It cuts nicely, and irons surprisingly well.  This color is so amazing, I’m now on a mad search to find a lighter weight fabric in this shade for summer.  I actually made a skirt and this top in this fabric but wearing the whole look was a bit overwhelming for me so separates it is.  The top was made with the same bodice pattern used on these two dresses here and here  McCalls M5927 with the following pattern alterations:

Cut a 2″ angled insert on the top of the shoulders
Cut the front bodice down the middle creating two pieces
Cut a scallop V neck in the front bodice
Faced the entire top
Added an invisible 23″ zipper
Added a peplum by cutting  2 pieces of fabric 11″ wide by 25″ long, cut one piece of the fabric in half and baste the seam closed.  Sew the back pieces to the front piece.  Sew the bodice to the peplum using the side seams and the back seam as a guide.  Attach the remaining zipper to the back peplum seam and pleat the fabric between the seams creating a pleated peplum        
Added a 1″peplum band

Pants-DIY here
Heels- Jean Michel Cazabat