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Ask away!

Being a blogger opens up a portion of your life to the public.  The more popular you become the more questions people have.  Some things I’m open to discuss and some I will completely ignore.

I’m that person that loves to share information, have it be fashion, skincare, shopping tips, home decor etc I’m not of the mindset of not wanting to give away the goods.  If there is a way to empower someone, I’m all over that.  But on the flip side I have to keep aspects of my life to myself.

While taking a look at my blog analytics, I was in tears laughing so hard at some of the search keywords people have used, here are a few doozies :  Beaute Jadore  husbands job, Beaute Jadore plastic surgey and Beaute Jadore fake pregnancy which took the cake lol.

I also receive many emails ranging from sewing questions to skincare concerns.  I try very hard to answer questions but many do fall through the cracks.   In an effort to create a FAQ section I’m opening this post up to questions.  Feel free to ask the question in the comment section or email me at nikki@beautejadore.