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Everlane Love

It’s no secret I love a great winter coat, so when I received the opportunity to partner with Everlane on their Re:Down collection I was insanely excited.

Their Re:Down collection is 100% recycled! I’m talking the shell and the fill. The shell is made from 18 renewed plastic bottles designed for temperatures 10-30F which is making this super lightweight water -resistant coat my everyday accessory. It’s hands-down the warmest puffer coat I’ve ever owned and to top it off, it feels like I’m wearing hardly nothing due to it’s weight.

Everlane is a company that provide transparent pricing which is what I’ve discussed many times. Directly on their site they let you know how much the materials, labor, hardware, duties and transport costs are as well as the markup. You walk away feeling like you haven’t been taken advantage of. And being a person that designs and makes their own clothing, this is a company after my own heart.

Coat- Everlane

Bag- Everlane