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Office/Classroom DIY

I officially have a full grown kindergartner albeit virtual. Yesterday was Chandler’s first day as a “big girl” and she was absolutely ready! It was important for me to carve out her own space that wasn’t in my studio, but close enough so that I could hear if she needed my help. So I made the ultimate sacrifice and gave her a portion of my closet. It actually worked out well. It forced me to de-clutter and organize.
She is insanely excited to go into her “office” which she didn’t want to look like a “baby’s office” so hopefully this will give her a comfortable environment to learn.
The transformation was pretty simple and cost effective, all for under $150.
I gave the walls a fresh coat of paint and instead of painting an accent wall, I decided on a colorful design which gave it a fresh updated pop of color. I used this washi tape which was only $15.00 for two and the whole process took less than 30 minutes. Being the awesome painter that she is, she decided to paint her own artwork for the walls.

Below I provided a link to all the products I used for her “office”.


Desk Legs


Solar paper lanterns

Wall Shelf

Wall brackets

Accessories container

Container rail

File folders

Storage Boxes

Picture ledge

Picture frames

Clothes pin string lights

Letter board