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DIY Clay vase

Do small things with great love”

– Anonymous

- Polymer clay, minimum of three colors and one base color -X-acto knife -Vase of your choice -Mat -Wax paper -Card stock -Rolling pin -Mod Podge gloss -Geometric cutters or knife -Clay tweezers


step 1

Step 2

Using the card stock, wrap the card around the container cutting to fit.  Leave 1/2" extra at  the top.  This creates a pattern for the clay base.

Between a piece of wax paper using the rolling pin, roll the accent clay flat.  

step 3

Step 4

Using the cutters and X-acto knife, cut multiple lines and angles into the clay.  Repeat this with all colors except the base color.

Using the tweezers, remove all the individual pieces from the cut clay and place on wax paper.

step 5

Step 6

Follow the same process in step 2 to roll the base clay.  Place the card stock pattern on top of the clay and using the x-acto knife, cut the base clay out.

Place the cut pieces of clay randomly onto the base clay.

step 7

Step 8

Place a piece of wax paper over the finished design, and roll flat.

Again, place the pattern over the design and trim the edges.

step 9

Step 10

Place the bottom of the design at the base of the vase pressing as you go around.

Meet one end to the other and press to seal the clay ends.  Press the clay to the bottom of the vase.

step 11

Step 12

Fold the remaining clay at the top into the opening of the vase.

Bake for 30 minutes at 275 degrees.  After 30 minutes, turn the oven off and allow the vase to sit in the oven and cool.

step 13

Add a gloss (optional)