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DIY vision board

I’m in the process of re-decorating my office and wanted to incorporate a new vision board, but after searching for weeks I came up empty.  My vision board dilemma was the space I had to work with.  I wasn’t interested in adding the traditional square shaped board I currently have but wanted two vision boards that would frame a large window and also not clash with the decor of the chocolate and tan, so my only option was to do it myself.  I will share the final re-decoration project next week.

{Crown Moulding, natural cork, stain, small hand saw, pencil, tape measure, staple gun, scissors}
{Stain with three coats, drying between each coat}
{Staple the cork to the stained frame}
{After stapling, trim closely}

Prior to staining, square the frame and using small nails, nail each corner into place.  I made two boards which took a full day due to the dry time.