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DIY Peplum

My peplum love continues with this DIY. I was in search of a yellow top that didn’t cost as much as a pair of heels simply because this bright trend will not be around for too much longer and who wants an expensive outdated top collecting dust in their closet next year? I’m not a huge fan of a lot of the peplum tops I see from Zara, ASOS and H&M simply because they look great at first sight but the quality of the fabric is subpar,  so I challenged myself to make a top out of fantastic fabric under $40, and I think I accomplished it.  The idea started when following Erica B. which is by the way a fantastic DIY style blog.  Erica posted a peplum DIY top from Vogue which I loved.  I figured with instructions I could probably pull it off, which was pretty big for me considering this is the first project I’ve ever made off a pattern.  I found this bright yellow silk infused  Italian linen fabric originally $60.00 a yard in the clearance bin for 18.00, and because I needed less than a yard, it was perfect.  I picked up the Vogue pattern for $13.50, finished the top within a day all for $31.50.

Jeans-J Brand
Heels- Miu Miu
Clutch- Vintage Prada
Necklace- Vintage Balenciaga
Bangle- Mango