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DIY spiked leather bracelet

A few weeks ago I uncovered the most amazing leather shop ever.  I went online to purchase supplies to make this clutch and after purchasing, I discovered Tandy Leather Factory has a location near me.  I immediately called the store, had my order held for pickup and made the 45 minute drive.  Why did I do that! After 2 1/2 hours of shopping in a store roughly 400 sq ft (quite small) but filled with the most amazing finds that will clutter your head with fantastic ideas, I walked out with in addition to three bags filled with everything under the sun A WHOLE 15 SQ FT ROLL OF LEATHER.  I have never worked with leather but could not resist grabbing it out of the clearance bin which leads me to this DIY.

Leather Hide from here

Buckles found here
Leather Dye found here
Spikes found here
Rivets found here
Rivet Setter found here 
Mallet found here
X-acto knife
Hand sewing punch found here
Rotary punch found here
Measure and cut out two pieces of leather 8.5″x.5″  and 6″x1.5 “

Dye the leather pieces thoroughly on both sides making sure you cover your working spacing, this gets pretty messy.
Allow the leather to dry completely, about 2 hours.
Using a clip, line thinner leather piece on top of larger piece in the center
Draw an erasable line down the center for placement holes.
Using the hand punch and rotary punch make a hole one inch apart and insert the screw in the bottom and the spike on top. 
Make a .25″ slit to insert the buckle
Insert the buckle and using the rivet and rivet setter, set the rivet in place using he mallet.

Using the hand punch, punch holes .25″ apart on the strap.

I added additional pikes, one between each spike above for an additional 5 spikes for a fuller look which can be seen in the first picture.