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DIY Leather & Wool Arm Warmers

With my endless amount of 3/4 sleeve jackets and coats which work perfectly for fall, the thought of having to retire them for winter doesn’t quite work well for me.  Sure I can throw on a sweater but I figured leather arm warmers will be a bit more fashionable and versatile.

Dress: Halston
Green Jacket: London
Yellow Jacket: BCBG
Boots: Giuseppe Zanotti
Clutch: J.J. Winters
Shades: Ray Ban

Supplies: Lambskin leather
               Wool boucle fabric
               1/8″ elastic

Measure bottom portion of sleeve to 9 1/2 inches

Measure top portion of sleeve to 12 inches

Measure sides of sleeve to 15 inches long

Cut all measurements exactly

On the wrong side of hide, fold in half and sew 5/8″ from edge

Measure the wool and cut a 8×14″ piece

Attach the wool to the correct side of the leather and sew 5/8″ from the edge.  Once the edge is sewn, sew down the side of the wool 5/8″ to complete.

view of attached wool to leather

Turn the sleeve inside out and fold the leather cuff under 1/2″, pin and sew close to the edge.  Make sure enough space is left in the hem to add the elastic.

Attach the elastic to a small safety pin and fish through the hem.

Pull the elastic through until it gathers and close off with a tripple stitch.

Repeat the hem process with the wool.