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DIY Chalk Board

Although I have the latest Apple products made that allow me to stay organized, what I love most are my trusty yellow sticky notes that are scattered all over my desk.    Not because I think their cool but because I’m so visual, I need to actually see what’s on my to-do list in a glance as opposed to opening up a program.  I know it’s totally 1990! In an effort to eliminate my trusty notes, I decided to incorporate these awesome chalk boards in locations in my house I spend the most time in that allow me to rid my work space of the clutter without moving me 100% into the 21st Century.

Chalkboard frame- pieces of molding from Home Depot cut into 4 pieces (2) 36″ (2) 72″,
spray painted and applied with wood nails to create the frame after the chalk board has dried and cured.