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Salt cured egg yolks

Salt cured egg yolks

I had the pleasure of living in Italy for a couple of years, which means only one thing……The best Italian food on the planet.  Not only do Italians possess great style, and the ability to craft the most amazing pasta ever, but they are also incredible hosts with the ability to feed you for 6 hours straight.  This brings me to my first encounter with salt-cured egg yolk.  Yes, I’m aware salt-cured egg yolk didn’t originate in Italy, but nonetheless, this was my first experience with this little yellow wonder.

When I first tasted how it transformed a plate of spaghetti carbonara, I closed my eyes and literally thanked the food gods.  These tiny grated morsels melted in my mouth like liquid gold.  I never forgot that food experience.

So just a few years ago, I reconnected with my Italian host and reminisced about our many amazing marathon meals.  At that time, she filled me in on her use of salt-cured egg yolk and American pasta dishes have never been the same for me.

This super easy recipe is no advent of my own but enjoy and thank me later.



-1 3/4 cup salt

-1 1/4 cup sugar

-2-4 egg yolks