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DIY silk bomber jacket

DIY silk bomber jacket

Over the past couple of years, bomber jackets have been all the rage.  I didn’t fall in love until the release of Gucci’s line of elevated bombers.  They took the simple sporty bomber and gave it a much-needed facelift.  Let’s be honest, it’s still a bomber jacket but when you add embroidery, metallic leather, sequins and everything else, that simple bomber is now amazing.

I wanted to take that same enthusiasm I had for the Gucci bomber and create an elevated bomber that made me just as happy.  What was so necessary was a fabric that was luxe and comfy at the same time, which is why I chose this silk wool from moodfabrics.com  that comes in 48 amazing shades.  I can’t say enough about this fabric, it’s one of the most beautiful silks I have ever used.  It’s a medium weight fabric that sews, irons and cuts beautifully.

The pattern used was my McCalls M7636 bomber jacket

The dress worn is one of my favorite neoprene dresses previously seen here using neoprene from Mood Fabrics at the NY location.  Here is a great selection of neoprene to drool over.