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Celebrity Inspired Closet

I like many other women that swooned over Carrie Bradshaw’s closet in Sex And The City and couldn’t help but think, how can I accomplish that, or at least something like it on a normal person’s budget? I scoured the internet looking for inspiration, allowed closet designers to come and give me unrealistic quotes and finally realized I have to do this myself. I considered the space I had to work with, about 168 sq ft, rolled up my sleeves and got busy. I knew I wanted dark hardwood floors & white shelving, so I took cue from Nicky Hilton’s closet. I hired a contractor to install the flooring, took an entire weekend between glasses of wine of course and Voila!

Dress- Miguelina (never gets old) , Shoes- Christian Louboutin, Ring-Vintage Givenchy, Bangles-Forever 21 and RJ Graziano, Necklaces-Kenneth J Lane, Anne Klein & Banana Republic