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DIY Resort Maxi

When I saw this inspiration dress I fell in love.  It sat in my checkout basket for two days while I went back in forth in my mind if I really needed a dress that cost more than shoes.  Logically I knew I didn’t but it was so beautiful.  I went over the number of occasions where I could wear it and thought ok maybe it is justified.  One week later I get an email reminder that I have a $330.00 credit which in my mind was a sign from up above and because credits are free money LOL I have no choice but to spend it.  I proceed to  check out and the darn dress is sold out in my size.  I guess it wasn’t meant to be! So I headed to the fabric store, picked up a pattern that I could easily alter, and I satisfied my fix at a 3,000% savings.

Dress: DIY Butterick pattern B5643 with alterations

Shoes- Marni
Bangles- Mango and Wanderlust other colors found here