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DIY 1 Hour Maxi Dress

Dress: available here
Bag- Cole Haan
Sandals- Alexander McQueen found here
Shades- Ralph Lauren
Earrings: DIY

When it comes to maxi dresses they are most definitely a summer staple for me, but I encounter an issue that a lot of women over 5’9″ have and that’s the length.  A properly fitting maxi dress should hit pass your ankle and for me I like for it to drag the floor slightly.  This maxi dress takes literally 1 hour to drape and sew.  Using this  jersey fabric from Mood I did the following:

1.  Measure your chest and subtract 3 inches, determine the length you would like the top of the dress to be and measure from your chest to that point.  Cut one piece of fabric and double the length.
ex: your chest measures 34″ and the length from the top of your chest (where the top of the dress would hit) and your waist is 7″ cut one piece of fabric 62″x7″

2. Fold the fabric in half length wise on the wrong side, pin close and and sew two of the three sides closed making a tube.  Turn the fabric wright side out and sew the tube closed.  Top stitch the upper half of the tube.

3.  Measure the length you would like your skirt and add two inches, measure your hips and and 15 inches.
ex: your length is 60 inches and your hips are 38 cut the fabric 53″x62″

4.  Pin the skirt to the top creating pleats as you go, you can determine how large you want the pleats based on how much fabric you have left to attach the skirt to the top.  Create pleats around the entire top.

FYI: I used about 1 1/2 yards