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Beauty Resource Tip……………….Clarisonic

I have been a huge Clarisonic fan since purchasing my first Clarisonic plus five years ago.  For those of us who live and breathe by this little contraption we all know it’s a skin life saver.   It’s incredibly durable considering I have dropped it a minimum of 100 times and have had it five years and it still works perfectly.  Something I myself failed to realize when I spent over $200 on this brush was the maintenance ie: purchasing a new brush head every three months.  I know how important it is to do this because of bacteria and like our tooth brushes, the brush begins to become ineffective but at $25.00 a pop per brush head this $225 brush can easily turn into a pretty big skincare expense.  So of course I scoured the net! and wanted to share my Ebay Clarisonic resource where I get two Clarisonic brush heads for $8.90 plus free shipping.  At this price I would definitely say stock up!  If you haven’t jumped over to the Clarisonic side a few retailers are currently having Christmas sales.