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Thank you

I sincerely hope everyone had a beautiful, positive and productive 2013.  When I started this blog less than two years ago,  I wanted to showcase things/interest in my life that I loved which are beauty, fashion, home decor and food.  I had never sewn before so sewing wasn’t even of the radar, but after my first maxi skirt I was sold.  My life is now filled with endless design inspiration boards, which if you would have told me two years ago I would be the Mood Fabrics style blogger and making my own clothes, I would have thought you were nuts.  Daily I receive emails from women asking questions about sewing, fashion, beauty, food and fitness.  I am truly honored that you find what I do inspiring.  I try to answer all the emails I receive but with my crazy busy schedule It may take a while for me to get to it (I’m working on that lol) so I have compiled a list of the most FAQ covering a number of topics. 
I appreciate from the bottom of my soul the support from everyone who follows me. 
1.  How long have you been sewing
Since May of 2012 where I made my first maxi skirt
1.5 Why did you start sewing?
I’ve always been creative so when my husband bought me a sewing machine a few years ago and he asked me why it was still sitting in the box I decided to take it out and give it a spin.
2.  What type of sewing machine do you use?
Up until November 2013 I used a Brother CE4000 (died) now using a Janome DC2013 and a Brother SQ9185 as a back up and a Singer ProFinish serger.
3.  How often do you sew?
 5/6 days a week.
4.  Where do you shop for fabric?
Majority of what I make comes from Moodfabrics.com, Gstreet Fabrics, Tandy Leather
5.  Do you make custom clothes?
I do some custom here on Etsy
6.  Where did you learn to sew?
I looked at lots of youtube videos….love Fashion Sewing Blog TV ?, scoured the net for helpful tips , took Craftsy classes and took a draping class locally.  
7.  How did you learn to alter patterns?
I wish I had some fantastic answer for this but It’s truly experimental.  I have an idea in mind, find a pattern that’s in the family of what I’m trying to accomplish and literally think outside the box by cutting the pattern to make it behave the way I want it to.  I look at a pattern as a blue print to allow my vision.  I would recommend picking up some builders paper at Home Depot and experimenting with altering patterns.
8.  Do you offer sewing classes?
This is a question I get daily.  If your local to the DC area and would like to learn how to sew we can discuss classes, just email me at nikki@beautejadore.com
9. Do you use a dress form?
No I made one out of duct tape (epic fail) and I purchased one off craigslist that was too big (another fail) I’m not yet convinced I can find one that’s closer to my body type (although I’m looking hard).
10. Do you have a sewing room in your house?
I’m one of those people that need organization and a clutter free environment to be productive so yes, I have a sewing room seen here.
11.  Who takes your blog photos?
The pictures with me in front of the camera are taken by my husband unless noted and all others are taken by me.
12.  What type of camera do you use?
Canon T1I with a 50mm 1.8 lens-fashion photos, 18-55mm lens for home decor pictures and HD Macro for food pics 
13.  How do you keep your closet organized?
Not share it with my husband 🙂 I make sure everything has it’s place and stays in it’s place.  It’s pretty spacious so it’s less inclined to become cluttered.  Twice a year I give clothes away, donate to the goodwill and throw things out which also helps with any clutter and disorganization.
14.  How often do you shop for clothes?
Not very often at all, I’m VERY frugal and prefer quality over quantity.  Being that I now make a good portion of my clothes I have a better understanding of retail, wholesale and markup so I don’t have an interest in throwing my money away.
15.  How often do you work out?
3/4 days a week (necessary evil) routine here
16.  How tall are you?
17.  What size do you wear?
6 at the top and 8 at the bottom
18.  What products do you use on your skin?
I switch up my skincare products frequently because my skin tends to get bored (or maybe it’s just me) but my tools I use are pretty consistent.  I swear by sunscreen, facials and my Clarisonic seen here  
19. What products do you use on your hair?
I wash and condition my hair every week and a half, switching out my products every 3/4 months.  I’m currently using Alterna shampoo and conditioner.  I don’t use oil but use a hot oil treatment every two weeks.  I also use a hair steamer every two weeks which helps keep it moisturized.  I let it air dry and use a hair serum for shine.  I wrap it at night in a satin scarf and try desperately not to comb it frequently which is why it’s often in a bun.
19.  How do you find the time to sew and cook with such a busy schedule?
Time management, little sleep and a ridiculously supportive husband)