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DIY Leather Fringe Clutch

Over the past few months, I have continued to see the fringe clutch trend which I absolutely love.  As you already know, spending thousands of dollars on trendy items is a big no no for me, so I wanted to get my fix and  create my own version at a fraction of the price.

This clutch will work perfectly with a pair of jeans or an awesome dress!


1. Mirabella lambskin leather
2. Mallet
3. Brass screw post
4. Leather punch
5. Seam ripper
6. Rotary cutter
7. Mini screw driver
8. Ruler
9. Leather stamp
10. Rivet Setter

Step 1:

Using a pattern 13 1/2″ x 9″ cut two pieces of leather

Step 2:

 Fold over 1/2″ to the inside and stitch

Step 3:

Pin the leather pieces together matching edges.  Using a ruler, measure in 1/2″ increments placing a dot with a fine tip ink pen 1″ from the edge  along the sides of the clutch and across the bottom.  Using the leather punch, punch a hole in each dot made.

Step 4:

Cut 1/8″ X 11″ long strips of leather

Step 5:

Using the mini screw driver, feed the strips through the punched holes, tying one overhand knot in each.  Repeat this process around the clutch.

Step 6:

Line the front of the clutch up with the back.  Using the leather punch, punch a hole through both pieces 1/2″ from the edge of the clutch.

Step 7:

Working 1/2″ below the hole puch, wet the leather and place the leather stamp.  Using the rivet setter and the mallet, give the stamp two good hits making sure you don’t allow the stamp to move.

Step 8:

Insert the screw post into the front of the clutch

Step 9:

Using the seam ripper, rip a 1/2″ straight rip 1/2″ from the edge of the back of the clutch.  Place the back side of the screw post through the rip.

Step 10: